Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Under attack during travels and human festivals

We have traveled to Patriarch and Matron's again. As soon as we arrived, Master and Princess left the fortress, though they returned after a time and we engaged in what I assume will become a ritualistic engagement with Rascal. I believe I have succeeded in making this young pup understand that I am going to guard my humans from any evil he is planning.

When my humans retired to their chamber for sleep I was still on alert. I could hear Patriarch and Matron and Rascal in the adjacent room and frequently alerted to let Rascal know that he should not approach my human's chamber.Shortly after my humans were in bed, there was a movement of the earth. I am not sure if this was Rascal's doing or from the enemy that was attacking our own fortress the other night. Master did not seemed pleased at my constant warning barks, but I do not think he felt the shaking. I have decided that humans are not as adept at understanding dangers and my job is even more important than I once realized.

Early this morning I heard movement within the fortress walls and was concerned for what this movement meant. Master and Princess had yet to stir from their slumber and I did not want them to be taken unawares. After some time of letting Master know about the potential danger, he got up and we embarked from the chamber to discover what was amiss. It was only Patriarch. It seems that today is a festival day for humans and Patriarch had risen early to prepare the human meal. I am hoping to be able to partake in this food. I was also given a new toy that was covered in an odd paper covering. I am unsure of the meaning of covering it in paper but I quickly removed it to find a new artificial bone which my humans quickly filled with deliciousness.

For now, I am logging this from the confines of the chamber. Though I have not seen Rascal today, I can hear him and the humans in the main portion of the fortress. I will continue to warn Master and Princess of my concerns and will keep you updated to my progress.

Signing off.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Under Attack

The fortress was under attack today! I am still unsure of what this danger is, but I know that it is close and I must be on guard. Master took me out many times today - I believe to scare away the unseen attackers.

This morning Master and I went outside for the first time and all seemed well. However, it appears to have rained overnight and the cold weather has covered the ground in ice. Later in the morning we returned again to the outdoors and as soon as we were outside I heard a large cracking noise coming from the neighbors tree. I immediately was on alert and sprang into action. I ran furiously up and down the perimeter of the fortress property, barking to let any attackers know that I was on guard.  Master quickly ushered me inside but I was still cautious of what lurked outside. I heard this noise a second time from a different direction the next time we went outside and again alerted to the danger.

While I have not heard this noise again, each time we go out there is a creaking from the areas surrounding the fortress. I am vigilant for any intruders. However I believe that I have made the enemy aware of my presence and they will avoid a direct attack.

Returning to my post now.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Snow days, Rascal and human visitors

The past many days have been very busy but I shall attempt to get you up to speed on my most recent adventures.

It has been colder and colder and my humans, particularly Princess, have been less and less apt to spend time outside with me. They allow me to go outside but do not always join me for our typical play time. In my time I have experience a couple of cold seasons but this one brought a new experience. One morning before my humans went on their conquests, they seemed more excited then normal about our outdoor play time. They open the door of the fortress and as usual I patiently sat and waited for the "all clear" from Master. Upon exiting the fortress I discovered that a bright powdery substance coated the ground. My humans called it "snow".

They seemed very excited about this "snow" and, in contrast with their recent behavior excitedly joined me outside. I think Princess, for her seemingly dislike of the cold weather even enjoys it. Being as of yet unsure of the nature of this "snow" I sniffed and scratched at the substance and determined that it was a sort of fluffy ice. That first morning we did not spend a lot of time outdoors as Master and Princess had to leave for their conquests. However, the next day, being one of their days of rest, we went outside on many occasions to play in this snow. As I played, they were using the snow to build a facsimile of a human form.

A few days after the snow disappeared, we went to visit Patriarch and Matron and, apparently, Rascal. I still  have reservations about this young pup, however it seems he may become a fixture in the Patriarch fortress. Since we visit this pack frequently I will keep you up to date on my opinions of the shifty-eyed ne'er-do-well. We spent much time together but closely watched and it would seem the humans wish us to trust each other. He is a young pup and perhaps I was harsh towards him at our first meeting, however, I still hold little love for him in my heart and he must yet prove himself.

The most recent adventure involves another pack visiting us. This is the first time another human pack has come to the fortress and stayed overnight. This pack had an Alpha and his mate that appeared similar in age to my humans. My humans recognized their coming and welcomed them so I too granted them my trust. They brought with them a young male human pup who seems to be developing many of the human skills. While the adult humans talked, I engaged the pup with my squeakers and ball. The pup does not have the agility and strength of the adult humans but what he lacked in skill he made up for in enthusiasm.  Both packs seemed to encourage my engagement of the human pup so I took it upon myself to train him as best I could. Their stay was relatively uneventful, however they proved good company.

Signing off.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Indoor trees and other canines

My apologies readers for my long absence. Up until the last several days the on goings of the fortress have been benign. Master and Princess leave for their conquests of a morning and return home to me of an evening. The temperature outdoors has began to cool down which delights me greatly and I have been asking to go outside more of late, however Princess especially is reluctant to join me in my frolicking. I suppose I cannot blame her since she does not have a thick coat like myself and must supplement with imitation fur. It must be far less efficient at keeping her warm.

The happenings of the last several days are worth noting. Starting with several days ago, my humans put up a tree in the main den. I am not sure of the reasoning. It is not a real tree, in fact Princess had to add each branch individually. To add to the oddity of it, she also added little bright lights and hung odd shaped ornamentations. They added boxes under this fake tree, like it is some kind of center for storage. I am still trying to discover the purpose of this odd behavior.

The main adventure I wish to tell though occurred today. We had spent several days with another set of human elders, not Patriarch and Matron, though they shall enter the story soon. The pack we visited also seems to be of some relationship to Master and Princess. Their fortress is on a large bit of land on which I was able to run and play with Master. I could tell many stories of our stay there but I have not the time now. Upon leaving this pack, we got into the "ride" and soon stopped in a large group of other rides that were surrounded by large buildings. Usually Master and Princess do not let me out of our "ride" when we stop at a place like this but they disappear into one of the buildings (which greatly distresses me as I do not know what danger they could be in), however they are always quick to return. On this occasion they let me out with them and we walked into one of the large buildings. I was very excited, there were many new smells to take in and I was aware that may other dogs had been there. Princess quickly disappeared around a corner of one of the large passages that housed many ledges. This made me nervous but I was still taking in my new surroundings. I quickly realized however that there were other dogs in the area and Princess was no where to be seen! I am sure you can imagine my anxiety. Master did not seem to share this anxiety and was displeased at my letting the other canines know they should leave Princess and Master alone. Princess returned to my sight, which calmed me a little but while she remained in my sight for the rest of this particular adventure she often walked away from me to look at the things on the ledges. I was glad when we left that place. How little did I know yet another adventure was to occur.

We traveled a little farther in the "ride" and arrived at Patriarch and Matron's fortress. Instead of going in as we usually do, Master made me stay in the front. A few minutes of being out there, Patriarch came out with a small, young canine. I was immediately on guard! Master did not appreciate my barking at this pup but I believed I achieved my goal of letting him know that I was not to be trifled with. I later heard them call this canine "Rascal" which I will refer to him as from this point on.  We spent a very long time outside the fortress in the presence of Rascal and even longer inside the fortress. Master would not let me bark at him, in fact he never let me close enough to it to make sure it couldn't harm Master and Princess. Rascal may be small but that does not mean he can be trusted. I am very anxious about my humans' associations with other canines. I have sworn to protect them from danger and not all of my species are to be trusted despite their insistence to the contrary. Since they are so naive to the danger I will continue to be vigilant. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


This morning my humans awoke very late. When they finally did get up they let me outside as they usually do. While they were fixing their meal (humans seem to require frequent eating schedules) I requested to go back outside. Princess was kind enough to open the door for me and leave it so I could move freely in and out of the fortress.

Usually the humans do not let me take my squeakers outside. I do not know why they are so particular, but this morning when they were distracted I took both my squeakers outside. They say things like "outside toys" and "inside toys". I am still learning their language but I think "toys" refers to objects that can be used for training and honing wilderness survival skills and hunting. If this is the meaning I don't know why it would matter if they are inside or outside.

Alas, after my humans finished their meal, Princess came outside to call me in. She saw the squeakers and told me to bring them to her and come inside. I assumed she wanted to play/train so I picked up the one nearest to me, trotted inside and dropped it. She looked at me and said "bring me your toy". So I picked it up again. After she made an unhappy noise, I realized she was pointing outside and she wanted me to bring in my other "toy". Of course, happy to please the Princess, I went outside pawed at my other squeaker, she indicated her assent, so I picked it up and went back inside. Master and Princess both seem very happy with me. I believe they are trying to condition me to leave my squeakers inside. I must figure out why.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Taking care of Princess

The past many days have been odd ones for my humans, or at the least, it has been strange around the fortress.

Starting with several days ago, Princess returned home from her conquests earlier then usual. As always, I was elated to see her and quickly retrieved my squeakers to share with her. She greeted me, but seemed more subdued than normal and she did not follow her usual routine of returning to the fortress. I gathered from her behavior that she was not feeling well. She collected some objects that I assume are important for her entertainment and comfort and placed herself on the large amorphous throne in the main chamber of the fortress.

At first, I tried to entertain her with my squeakers. After all, they give me so much enjoyment, I could not think of a reason why Princess would not derive as much pleasure. Normally she will enter into a game of keep away with me, but she must have been feeling particularly ill because she only once or twice attempted to obtain possession of the squeaker. After some time, she appeared to be resting comfortably, but as I know she was not feeling well, I felt it my duty to take care of her. I, as gently as I could, approached her and nuzzled her face with my nose. She responded so I knew she had not fallen into a coma. She must have been delirious though for she pushed me away as she sat up. She sat for some time with a device that displays writings of their language. After a time she laid down again and I, again, felt my duty to ensure her continued health. It was unusual behavior for Princess. Again I nuzzled her face, this time she responded but then fell back into her stupor. I decided at this time to allow her to rest some, since I at least knew her to be responsive. She awoke again, read her device, and again fell asleep. After some time of her not stirring, I checked on her yet a 3rd time. This time she awoke. She seemed unhappy with my care. ....

The following day, Master left as he normally does but Princess remained home. She spent most of the morning on the amorphous throne sleeping. This time I decided that she was not in any danger and took my post by the fortress door to watch for any unwanted guests. After she awoke, I was in hopes that she would want to play, but she still must have been feeling ill, so I passed the time until Master returned in silence (with occasional warning to other dogs that I could hear outside the fortress - they must not be allowed to approach).

The days since have been spent in relative normalcy, though perhaps a tad boring. While Princess has still not wanted to engage in active play, Master and I have exchanged numerous games of keep away.  At one point my squeaker escaped under the long chair in the main chamber of the fortress. Of course I tried to retrieve it but I cannot move the chair and I do not fit under it. I finally had to give up and ask Master to help me. Master seems to understand my need for help when this happens. Of course I try to help him retrieve my squeaker because he needs me to tell him where it is. So I sit until Master realizes I need help, then as soon as he reaches to get my squeaker I get alongside him and indicate the location of the squeaker. I then express my thanks to Master by engaging in another game of keep away.  And so we pass the time in the fortress.  Princess seems to be feeling better.

Signing off.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Visiting another pack

Master and Princess and I have returned to the fortress from visiting a different pack for a few days. This is not the first time we have visited this pack, and I presume them to be some relation to Master and Princess. Our travels are done in a large machine that the humans control. I believe they call it "a ride", or at least that is what they refer to it as when they are speaking to me before we all enter this contrivance (I am not sure the humans understand that I am still in the process of learning their language). We travel in this "ride" at a very fast speed. Since Master and Princess appear to have control from the front, I sit and guard us from behind so nothing can sneak up on us. Many other "rides" traverse the pathway but most seem oblivious to us.

Upon our arrival we were met by a group of human pups that appeared to be playing in the buildings next to the fortress of the allied pack. A few of these pups seemed interested in meeting me, though one seemed dubious. I could tell they were discussing me with Master and Princess.  The dubious pup kept looking between me and Master and Princess, appearing nervous. He made an aggressive kicking motion at one point, and spoke in their language - I certainly hope he did not have intentions of attacking one of us, because of course that would require me to intervene on my humans' behalf. After he made this motion, Master and Princess seemed stupefied, spoke in return, and the pup ran away. I presume the crisis was averted.

The allied pack consists of three humans, an older alpha and his mate, who I shall refer to as Patriarch and Matron and a younger female human, Pup.

The days at the allied fortress are spent mostly in a large den. Master and Princess often leave me with our allies during which time I rest, train Pup and, as always, keep a watchful eye out for any evil. During one of my training sessions with Pup, I had to teach her a valuable lesson of speed and knowing where her enemy is. She had obtained one of the squeaky things my humans have given me for my entertainment, and was attempting to keep it away from me. She was holding it in her paws behind her back. Quickly, I circled behind her, and as she did not move fast enough, I went for the squeaker. Her lax speed caused her to be turning at the time I grabbed for the object and I nipped her in her hindquarters. She dropped the squeaker and loudly objected. She then refused to train anymore  for a while. Maybe next time she will be faster - it is an important skill for surviving in the wild.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

On guarding my humans

As I mentioned in my last missive, I have pledged my allegiance to Master and Princess and as such take my duty to protect them seriously. However, I am not sure they understand my resolve and dedication.

Starting with the other evening. Master and Princess were sleeping. Per usual, I sleep on my bed next to theirs so I can be ready at any moment should they need me. I was awakened from my slumber by an odd sound coming from outside and went to investigate. I heard humans moving about at the building next to ours and the movement of large objects. I felt that this was a concern that Master should address so I gave a warning bark. A few minutes later I repeated my call as Master did not respond.When he still did not respond, I decided to resume my post in their sleeping chambers to be closer to them. Shortly after settling back in, I heard a much louder noise, which Master must also have heard. He leaped from him bed grabbing his small stick that casts light as well as another curious device which emits a flash of light and an astonishingly loud bark.  (I believe he carries this device to artificially elevate his bark above that of other humans.  Crude, but effective.) I quickly followed him to check out the danger. He determined the new humans were no threat. I still do not trust them, and will continue to alert my humans to their presence in the future.

A more recent example. Princess often takes me when she leaves the fortress and we run together. Tonight Master joined us. At one point, Master started running ahead of Princess and me. It was quite concerning to me, as of course I cannot be aware of dangers around him if he is not with me, or secure within the walls of the fortress. I tried to encourage Princess to run faster to no avail. She must have understood my concern for Master though, because she called to him and he finally came back to us. He allowed me to run ahead with him, but then I realized that we were leaving Princess behind. I had to signal to Master my concerns for Princess and we waited for her and then continued together.

I regularly alert them to dangers outside the fortress and they sometimes respond by investigating them with me, other times ignoring them.  I have not decided if they are naive to the dangers of the world or simply confident in the ability of the fortress to hold them at bay.  I believe the latter is true, however I cannot afford such complacency, considering the responsibilities I have taken upon myself.  My humans are kind to me, and provide everything I could want for.  They deserve my utmost vigilance, and I will continue to provide it.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Day 143: The Genesis of the Chronicles of Kilo

It has been 143 days since this new pair of humans rescued me from what I can only describe as an asylum for dullards and slack-jawed lunatics.  My previous "benefactors", if you can call them that, abandoned me there on a whim.  These new humans have integrated me into their small community as an equal, instead of a curiosity and plaything, and for this I am grateful.  They have provided me with adequate food and lodging, spectacular entertainment and exercise, and an equal share in their expansive dominion.  I have in turn pledged my guardianship and affection. 

I have decided to chronicle my adventures with my new compatriots here on this device the humans seem to use for inter-pack communication.  I shall begin with today.  Life here in the fortress, while comfortable, has been lacking in excitement the past few days.  I decided to rectify this by introducing a small prank.  The male human, whom I shall refer to as Master (he fancies this title), had left as per usual, on what I can only assume are ventures to conquer new territory.  The Princess, as Master calls her, remained here later than usual.  I waited until she was distracted and took the opportunity to place two of the soft, white human foot-coverings into the water bowl.

The Princess discovered the fruits of my trickery shortly after.  She retrieved the bowl and took it to the chamber where the humans perform their daily cleansing ritual.  She placed the foot-coverings in the cleansing area and emptied the contents of the bowl.  She replenished the bowl and replaced it in its proper place, all the while eying me.  I believe she suspects me, but is unsure of my motives.  I smiled and did my best to assure her that nothing was out of the ordinary.  She left on her own conquests soon after.

The Princess returned home first, and we spent the afternoon building camaraderie, as usual.  Upon the Master's return I noticed that he was less jovial than normal.  I did my best to console him and it seemed to help some, though he did unleash all the fury of Hades on the large bag they use to hone their combat skills.  I then brought him one of the noisemakers they have given me for entertainment and we engaged in the usual battle of keep-away.

The humans entered the cleansing chamber and it was then that the Master discovered the foot-coverings.  They discussed the event in their nigh-unintelligible dialect of which I have only been able to learn a few phrases.  I couldn't understand them, but they both eyed me suspiciously.  The Master looked at me for a moment, then scratched my head and took the coverings away.  He seemed amused, and I believe I have achieved my goal.

I must return to the business of guarding the fortress from the perils of the outside world.  I must also remember to document the events of two nights ago.  For now I return to my duties.