Friday, December 20, 2013

Snow days, Rascal and human visitors

The past many days have been very busy but I shall attempt to get you up to speed on my most recent adventures.

It has been colder and colder and my humans, particularly Princess, have been less and less apt to spend time outside with me. They allow me to go outside but do not always join me for our typical play time. In my time I have experience a couple of cold seasons but this one brought a new experience. One morning before my humans went on their conquests, they seemed more excited then normal about our outdoor play time. They open the door of the fortress and as usual I patiently sat and waited for the "all clear" from Master. Upon exiting the fortress I discovered that a bright powdery substance coated the ground. My humans called it "snow".

They seemed very excited about this "snow" and, in contrast with their recent behavior excitedly joined me outside. I think Princess, for her seemingly dislike of the cold weather even enjoys it. Being as of yet unsure of the nature of this "snow" I sniffed and scratched at the substance and determined that it was a sort of fluffy ice. That first morning we did not spend a lot of time outdoors as Master and Princess had to leave for their conquests. However, the next day, being one of their days of rest, we went outside on many occasions to play in this snow. As I played, they were using the snow to build a facsimile of a human form.

A few days after the snow disappeared, we went to visit Patriarch and Matron and, apparently, Rascal. I still  have reservations about this young pup, however it seems he may become a fixture in the Patriarch fortress. Since we visit this pack frequently I will keep you up to date on my opinions of the shifty-eyed ne'er-do-well. We spent much time together but closely watched and it would seem the humans wish us to trust each other. He is a young pup and perhaps I was harsh towards him at our first meeting, however, I still hold little love for him in my heart and he must yet prove himself.

The most recent adventure involves another pack visiting us. This is the first time another human pack has come to the fortress and stayed overnight. This pack had an Alpha and his mate that appeared similar in age to my humans. My humans recognized their coming and welcomed them so I too granted them my trust. They brought with them a young male human pup who seems to be developing many of the human skills. While the adult humans talked, I engaged the pup with my squeakers and ball. The pup does not have the agility and strength of the adult humans but what he lacked in skill he made up for in enthusiasm.  Both packs seemed to encourage my engagement of the human pup so I took it upon myself to train him as best I could. Their stay was relatively uneventful, however they proved good company.

Signing off.

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