Saturday, December 21, 2013

Under Attack

The fortress was under attack today! I am still unsure of what this danger is, but I know that it is close and I must be on guard. Master took me out many times today - I believe to scare away the unseen attackers.

This morning Master and I went outside for the first time and all seemed well. However, it appears to have rained overnight and the cold weather has covered the ground in ice. Later in the morning we returned again to the outdoors and as soon as we were outside I heard a large cracking noise coming from the neighbors tree. I immediately was on alert and sprang into action. I ran furiously up and down the perimeter of the fortress property, barking to let any attackers know that I was on guard.  Master quickly ushered me inside but I was still cautious of what lurked outside. I heard this noise a second time from a different direction the next time we went outside and again alerted to the danger.

While I have not heard this noise again, each time we go out there is a creaking from the areas surrounding the fortress. I am vigilant for any intruders. However I believe that I have made the enemy aware of my presence and they will avoid a direct attack.

Returning to my post now.

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