Saturday, October 26, 2013

Taking care of Princess

The past many days have been odd ones for my humans, or at the least, it has been strange around the fortress.

Starting with several days ago, Princess returned home from her conquests earlier then usual. As always, I was elated to see her and quickly retrieved my squeakers to share with her. She greeted me, but seemed more subdued than normal and she did not follow her usual routine of returning to the fortress. I gathered from her behavior that she was not feeling well. She collected some objects that I assume are important for her entertainment and comfort and placed herself on the large amorphous throne in the main chamber of the fortress.

At first, I tried to entertain her with my squeakers. After all, they give me so much enjoyment, I could not think of a reason why Princess would not derive as much pleasure. Normally she will enter into a game of keep away with me, but she must have been feeling particularly ill because she only once or twice attempted to obtain possession of the squeaker. After some time, she appeared to be resting comfortably, but as I know she was not feeling well, I felt it my duty to take care of her. I, as gently as I could, approached her and nuzzled her face with my nose. She responded so I knew she had not fallen into a coma. She must have been delirious though for she pushed me away as she sat up. She sat for some time with a device that displays writings of their language. After a time she laid down again and I, again, felt my duty to ensure her continued health. It was unusual behavior for Princess. Again I nuzzled her face, this time she responded but then fell back into her stupor. I decided at this time to allow her to rest some, since I at least knew her to be responsive. She awoke again, read her device, and again fell asleep. After some time of her not stirring, I checked on her yet a 3rd time. This time she awoke. She seemed unhappy with my care. ....

The following day, Master left as he normally does but Princess remained home. She spent most of the morning on the amorphous throne sleeping. This time I decided that she was not in any danger and took my post by the fortress door to watch for any unwanted guests. After she awoke, I was in hopes that she would want to play, but she still must have been feeling ill, so I passed the time until Master returned in silence (with occasional warning to other dogs that I could hear outside the fortress - they must not be allowed to approach).

The days since have been spent in relative normalcy, though perhaps a tad boring. While Princess has still not wanted to engage in active play, Master and I have exchanged numerous games of keep away.  At one point my squeaker escaped under the long chair in the main chamber of the fortress. Of course I tried to retrieve it but I cannot move the chair and I do not fit under it. I finally had to give up and ask Master to help me. Master seems to understand my need for help when this happens. Of course I try to help him retrieve my squeaker because he needs me to tell him where it is. So I sit until Master realizes I need help, then as soon as he reaches to get my squeaker I get alongside him and indicate the location of the squeaker. I then express my thanks to Master by engaging in another game of keep away.  And so we pass the time in the fortress.  Princess seems to be feeling better.

Signing off.

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