Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Indoor trees and other canines

My apologies readers for my long absence. Up until the last several days the on goings of the fortress have been benign. Master and Princess leave for their conquests of a morning and return home to me of an evening. The temperature outdoors has began to cool down which delights me greatly and I have been asking to go outside more of late, however Princess especially is reluctant to join me in my frolicking. I suppose I cannot blame her since she does not have a thick coat like myself and must supplement with imitation fur. It must be far less efficient at keeping her warm.

The happenings of the last several days are worth noting. Starting with several days ago, my humans put up a tree in the main den. I am not sure of the reasoning. It is not a real tree, in fact Princess had to add each branch individually. To add to the oddity of it, she also added little bright lights and hung odd shaped ornamentations. They added boxes under this fake tree, like it is some kind of center for storage. I am still trying to discover the purpose of this odd behavior.

The main adventure I wish to tell though occurred today. We had spent several days with another set of human elders, not Patriarch and Matron, though they shall enter the story soon. The pack we visited also seems to be of some relationship to Master and Princess. Their fortress is on a large bit of land on which I was able to run and play with Master. I could tell many stories of our stay there but I have not the time now. Upon leaving this pack, we got into the "ride" and soon stopped in a large group of other rides that were surrounded by large buildings. Usually Master and Princess do not let me out of our "ride" when we stop at a place like this but they disappear into one of the buildings (which greatly distresses me as I do not know what danger they could be in), however they are always quick to return. On this occasion they let me out with them and we walked into one of the large buildings. I was very excited, there were many new smells to take in and I was aware that may other dogs had been there. Princess quickly disappeared around a corner of one of the large passages that housed many ledges. This made me nervous but I was still taking in my new surroundings. I quickly realized however that there were other dogs in the area and Princess was no where to be seen! I am sure you can imagine my anxiety. Master did not seem to share this anxiety and was displeased at my letting the other canines know they should leave Princess and Master alone. Princess returned to my sight, which calmed me a little but while she remained in my sight for the rest of this particular adventure she often walked away from me to look at the things on the ledges. I was glad when we left that place. How little did I know yet another adventure was to occur.

We traveled a little farther in the "ride" and arrived at Patriarch and Matron's fortress. Instead of going in as we usually do, Master made me stay in the front. A few minutes of being out there, Patriarch came out with a small, young canine. I was immediately on guard! Master did not appreciate my barking at this pup but I believed I achieved my goal of letting him know that I was not to be trifled with. I later heard them call this canine "Rascal" which I will refer to him as from this point on.  We spent a very long time outside the fortress in the presence of Rascal and even longer inside the fortress. Master would not let me bark at him, in fact he never let me close enough to it to make sure it couldn't harm Master and Princess. Rascal may be small but that does not mean he can be trusted. I am very anxious about my humans' associations with other canines. I have sworn to protect them from danger and not all of my species are to be trusted despite their insistence to the contrary. Since they are so naive to the danger I will continue to be vigilant. 

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