Monday, April 28, 2014

Visit to strange places

Life has returned to some normalcy. The humans have returned to their normal bed chamber and the putrid smell is mostly gone. Though occasionally I still smell it coming from the cleaning rooms.

I am unsure what the humans were celebrating the other day but Princess cooked a large human meal for herself and Master. It smelled delicious and I was allowed to partake in a small part of the bounty. I asked for more but was not granted my request, much to my dismay.

The latest excitement involves a visit of Princess and I to another fortress-like location. We have been here a few times before, though this time was more eventful. It smells greatly of other animals, and though I have never seen any I have heard them. When we first arrived, Princess left me in the car and went into the building herself and then returned to retrieve me. When we went into the building, I was required to stand on a strange flat metal box and then Princess and I went into a small chamber. I could smell and hear other canines but was never able to ascertain where they were. A man came in after a while and looked at me, he seemed to be interested in examining me for unknown reasons. While he was there, he and Princess discussed things in their human language and I am unsure of what all was said, though I gather that much of it was about me.

After he left, two human females came in. They poked me several times in one paw. At first I was patient with them. Princess seemed to be okay with them doing this to me, so I do not believe they were trying to hurt me. However, after a while it began to hurt and I began objecting. After this they started poking me in my other paw. It seems that they were after blood. They also injected some strange fluids. The last time was after a short break during which Princess and I just waited in this small chamber. The last injection was cold and very unpleasant. After all this, Princess took me back out to the ride, though she went back into the fortress again for a short time. I'm not quite sure of the meaning of this visit, but I believe it was for my benefit.

Monday, April 7, 2014


Well, my faithful readers, there is much to catch you up on from the last several days. I must apologize, but brevity does not do the events justice. As predicted we did make a journey in the ride. We once again visited Patriarch and Matron (and Rascal). The evening there was spent uneventfully. However the following day resulted in much excitement.

Master and Princess left for a conquest of their own, and I was left to guard the fortress. I was given freedom to roam the fortress while the humans, along with Rascal were in the front grounds. At one point, Patron returned inside the house and I saw a chance to assert my dominance over that small young pup. I quickly raced through the unlatched door onto the grounds. Rascal became aware of my presence and dodged my offensive by getting under one of the rides. Before I could pursue him farther, Patriarch was on top of me and restrained me inside the fortress once again. This is all quite frustrating I can assure you. Though I do take pleasure in the fact I made the young pup wet himself.

Master and Princess finally returned while I was enclosed in the sleeping chambers. I could hear them in the main chamber of the fortress talking with Patriarch and Matron. Though I am still learning the human language, I did hear my name several times and I believe the stories of my adventures were being relayed. I was released into the main chamber of the fortress after a time. Shortly thereafter, Master noticed my paw, which I had injured while outside earlier. I do not completely understand what all happened next, but the humans conversed among themselves and Master and Princess left. They returned shortly however and began looking at my paw again. Princess poured a liquid onto it that stung a little and wrapped it in a strange stretchy cloth. It was very difficult to walk after that, but I understood that they were concerned about me so I left my paw alone. Though I was very glad that Princess removed it before we went to bed that night.

After my paw was wrapped, Master and Princess began packing the ride again and we returned home. Most of our travel home it was dark and I know my humans must have been tired. They usually retire much earlier in the evening. I too was growing tired and went directly to my bed once I knew the fortress was secured and my humans were preparing for sleep as well. What happened next I am not quite sure. We had been asleep for a short while when I heard the sound of a very large ride near the back grounds, though not close enough to be on the fortress property. I then heard the sounds of bubbling water come from the small cleansing chamber that is off the bed chamber. Princess must have heard it too because she jumped out of bed and rushed in there - I presume to stop whatever was happening. Master too got up and they conversed among themselves. We all then went to check the other cleansing chamber, which also had water flowing out of it. It was very clear by this point that my humans were not happy. And I don't blame them - the water smelled putrid.

As Princess got dressed, Master called me to go with him into the back grounds. Outside I could see the large ride that I had heard earlier and there were two men with it. They appeared to be doing something in our neighbor's back grounds. Master spoke with them tersely.  Though I am unsure of what was said, I think they are responsible for what happened inside the fortress. Master went back into the fortress, leaving me outside to watch the grounds. I was okay with this arrangement for a while but I could hear Master and Princess moving around inside. They had opened up a window that faces into the back grounds. This window is very high up and I must place my paws on the fortress wall to see inside. I did this several times to make sure that everything inside the fortress was okay and to let them know that I was still watching the grounds but would like to re-join them.

After a good deal of time, Princess let me back in the fortress and put my pack on me. I knew this must mean we were going somewhere again.  My humans were very agitated and yet very lethargic.  We made a short trip in the ride to a fortress I have not visited before.  This turned out to be the home of a pack who has visited our fortress several times.  They are a male and female, and their very young pup, whose antics I enjoyed immensely when they visited.  The male is the alpha of their pack, and has a large mane which extends around his face.  I shall refer to him as Whiskers.  But I digress.

We stayed the rest of the night at their fortress and packed up early in the morning. We went in the ride to a large fortress we sometimes visit, from which the humans usually return with provisions.  This time the humans returned with foul-smelling chemicals of some sort, which when we returned to the fortress they began using to clean the mess.  This process took some amount of time, during which two other humans assisted for a while.  After completion a pungent odor remained, though I am not sure if my humans smelled it as their senses are not as attuned as mine.  It has at this point been a night cycle and the odor remains.  My humans and I slept in another chamber of the house than normal which may indicate they smelled it after all.  I am not sure if this means they gave up on cleaning it or were unable to finish. Either way, time will tell if the fortress returns to normal.

Kilo, signing off.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Other Canines (cont)

I believe I have intimidated the other canines into leaving. They have not been seen for several days now. I am still wary, however. Every time I am released into the rear grounds my first goal is to make sure that the property line is secure and the scoundrels are no longer a threat to the security of my domain. Before they left, I could hear Master and Princess talking to their human in their presence. This greatly upset me that my humans would risk encountering such dangers without my being there. Despite my vocal objections, they continued in their discussion. I am hopeful that, since humans do not have refined hearing, they simply did not hear my warnings. Regardless, this incident has left me aware of the risks my humans are comfortable taking, I must must continue to be vigilant in my work of communicating the dangers.

This morning, Princess left in her usual manner while Master stayed back for a little bit with me. During this time Master started packing his bag. This only happens when we are going on a journey, so I immediately got excited. I thought that perhaps Princess would return quickly and we would leave in the ride. Unfortunately this was not the case and I spent a relatively boring day watching the fortress. When Princess came home I greeted her excitedly and she too started packing. My suspicion of a journey was confirmed when she retrieved my pack from its normal storage spot. My pack only goes with us when we are going on an overnight adventure and, similar to the humans bags I assume, houses my food and toys for my entertainment. I immediately started helping Princess by making sure she had all the essentials. After she completed that task I signaled I was ready to leave by sitting by the door. She allowed me to go with her into the front grounds of the fortress but then required me to rejoin her back inside despite my protest. For now it seems as if we wait for Master.