Thursday, October 3, 2013

On guarding my humans

As I mentioned in my last missive, I have pledged my allegiance to Master and Princess and as such take my duty to protect them seriously. However, I am not sure they understand my resolve and dedication.

Starting with the other evening. Master and Princess were sleeping. Per usual, I sleep on my bed next to theirs so I can be ready at any moment should they need me. I was awakened from my slumber by an odd sound coming from outside and went to investigate. I heard humans moving about at the building next to ours and the movement of large objects. I felt that this was a concern that Master should address so I gave a warning bark. A few minutes later I repeated my call as Master did not respond.When he still did not respond, I decided to resume my post in their sleeping chambers to be closer to them. Shortly after settling back in, I heard a much louder noise, which Master must also have heard. He leaped from him bed grabbing his small stick that casts light as well as another curious device which emits a flash of light and an astonishingly loud bark.  (I believe he carries this device to artificially elevate his bark above that of other humans.  Crude, but effective.) I quickly followed him to check out the danger. He determined the new humans were no threat. I still do not trust them, and will continue to alert my humans to their presence in the future.

A more recent example. Princess often takes me when she leaves the fortress and we run together. Tonight Master joined us. At one point, Master started running ahead of Princess and me. It was quite concerning to me, as of course I cannot be aware of dangers around him if he is not with me, or secure within the walls of the fortress. I tried to encourage Princess to run faster to no avail. She must have understood my concern for Master though, because she called to him and he finally came back to us. He allowed me to run ahead with him, but then I realized that we were leaving Princess behind. I had to signal to Master my concerns for Princess and we waited for her and then continued together.

I regularly alert them to dangers outside the fortress and they sometimes respond by investigating them with me, other times ignoring them.  I have not decided if they are naive to the dangers of the world or simply confident in the ability of the fortress to hold them at bay.  I believe the latter is true, however I cannot afford such complacency, considering the responsibilities I have taken upon myself.  My humans are kind to me, and provide everything I could want for.  They deserve my utmost vigilance, and I will continue to provide it.

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