Wednesday, November 6, 2013


This morning my humans awoke very late. When they finally did get up they let me outside as they usually do. While they were fixing their meal (humans seem to require frequent eating schedules) I requested to go back outside. Princess was kind enough to open the door for me and leave it so I could move freely in and out of the fortress.

Usually the humans do not let me take my squeakers outside. I do not know why they are so particular, but this morning when they were distracted I took both my squeakers outside. They say things like "outside toys" and "inside toys". I am still learning their language but I think "toys" refers to objects that can be used for training and honing wilderness survival skills and hunting. If this is the meaning I don't know why it would matter if they are inside or outside.

Alas, after my humans finished their meal, Princess came outside to call me in. She saw the squeakers and told me to bring them to her and come inside. I assumed she wanted to play/train so I picked up the one nearest to me, trotted inside and dropped it. She looked at me and said "bring me your toy". So I picked it up again. After she made an unhappy noise, I realized she was pointing outside and she wanted me to bring in my other "toy". Of course, happy to please the Princess, I went outside pawed at my other squeaker, she indicated her assent, so I picked it up and went back inside. Master and Princess both seem very happy with me. I believe they are trying to condition me to leave my squeakers inside. I must figure out why.

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