Saturday, October 12, 2013

Visiting another pack

Master and Princess and I have returned to the fortress from visiting a different pack for a few days. This is not the first time we have visited this pack, and I presume them to be some relation to Master and Princess. Our travels are done in a large machine that the humans control. I believe they call it "a ride", or at least that is what they refer to it as when they are speaking to me before we all enter this contrivance (I am not sure the humans understand that I am still in the process of learning their language). We travel in this "ride" at a very fast speed. Since Master and Princess appear to have control from the front, I sit and guard us from behind so nothing can sneak up on us. Many other "rides" traverse the pathway but most seem oblivious to us.

Upon our arrival we were met by a group of human pups that appeared to be playing in the buildings next to the fortress of the allied pack. A few of these pups seemed interested in meeting me, though one seemed dubious. I could tell they were discussing me with Master and Princess.  The dubious pup kept looking between me and Master and Princess, appearing nervous. He made an aggressive kicking motion at one point, and spoke in their language - I certainly hope he did not have intentions of attacking one of us, because of course that would require me to intervene on my humans' behalf. After he made this motion, Master and Princess seemed stupefied, spoke in return, and the pup ran away. I presume the crisis was averted.

The allied pack consists of three humans, an older alpha and his mate, who I shall refer to as Patriarch and Matron and a younger female human, Pup.

The days at the allied fortress are spent mostly in a large den. Master and Princess often leave me with our allies during which time I rest, train Pup and, as always, keep a watchful eye out for any evil. During one of my training sessions with Pup, I had to teach her a valuable lesson of speed and knowing where her enemy is. She had obtained one of the squeaky things my humans have given me for my entertainment, and was attempting to keep it away from me. She was holding it in her paws behind her back. Quickly, I circled behind her, and as she did not move fast enough, I went for the squeaker. Her lax speed caused her to be turning at the time I grabbed for the object and I nipped her in her hindquarters. She dropped the squeaker and loudly objected. She then refused to train anymore  for a while. Maybe next time she will be faster - it is an important skill for surviving in the wild.

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