Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Under attack during travels and human festivals

We have traveled to Patriarch and Matron's again. As soon as we arrived, Master and Princess left the fortress, though they returned after a time and we engaged in what I assume will become a ritualistic engagement with Rascal. I believe I have succeeded in making this young pup understand that I am going to guard my humans from any evil he is planning.

When my humans retired to their chamber for sleep I was still on alert. I could hear Patriarch and Matron and Rascal in the adjacent room and frequently alerted to let Rascal know that he should not approach my human's chamber.Shortly after my humans were in bed, there was a movement of the earth. I am not sure if this was Rascal's doing or from the enemy that was attacking our own fortress the other night. Master did not seemed pleased at my constant warning barks, but I do not think he felt the shaking. I have decided that humans are not as adept at understanding dangers and my job is even more important than I once realized.

Early this morning I heard movement within the fortress walls and was concerned for what this movement meant. Master and Princess had yet to stir from their slumber and I did not want them to be taken unawares. After some time of letting Master know about the potential danger, he got up and we embarked from the chamber to discover what was amiss. It was only Patriarch. It seems that today is a festival day for humans and Patriarch had risen early to prepare the human meal. I am hoping to be able to partake in this food. I was also given a new toy that was covered in an odd paper covering. I am unsure of the meaning of covering it in paper but I quickly removed it to find a new artificial bone which my humans quickly filled with deliciousness.

For now, I am logging this from the confines of the chamber. Though I have not seen Rascal today, I can hear him and the humans in the main portion of the fortress. I will continue to warn Master and Princess of my concerns and will keep you updated to my progress.

Signing off.

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