Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Human Festivals and a New Ride

We have returned to the fortress. I have decided that I enjoy human festivals. While I am rarely allowed to partake of human food, my humans made an exception and allowed me small bits of the large meal that they prepared. It was fantastic and I hope the humans have another festival soon so I may partake in their celebrations again. Master and Princess also gave me a new squeaker when we arrived back at the fortress. It is a disk with an open center and is quickly becoming a favorite.

Prior to leaving, I was forced to interact with Rascal. This was the first time I had seen him since our arrival. Every other day he was restrained away from my presence, though there were times when the humans confined me to the chamber and I heard Rascal out among them. While this made me very unhappy, I suppose it is understandable. Even fiends need some time to exert their energy.

While I still have no love for this small pup, I know my humans want me to tolerate his company. So after protesting his presence, I silenced myself and was then allowed to engage with him in closer quarters. I attempted to greet him in usual canine fashion but he did not appear amiable. While he caused no harm he did snap at me multiple times. I let these minor affronts go with little response.  I do not like him, but I am capable of taking the high trail. We shall see what becomes of this in time.

While at the fortress of Patriarch the humans went on one of their usual excursions.  I am not always sure of the exact nature of their trips, but this one must have been quite the victorious conquest, as they returned with a new ride! This one is a bit larger than the small ride we usually take trips in, but smaller than Master's veritable mobile fortress.

I was allowed to inspect the exterior upon arrival of the ride, but was not allowed to enter in.  I know little of the workings of these beasts of burden, but perhaps they are similar to the equine species and require breaking.  Master still drives his mobile fortress, but Princess' previous ride has gone by the wayside in favor of the new one.  I can hardly blame her.  My humans must have defeated quite a large and powerful enemy to secure such a prize.  I hope to partake in the spoils of their victory soon.

For now I will resume my place guarding the fortress.  I have heard rumblings of the enemy which made the loud noises outside the fortress recently.  I shall be waiting, should they ever return. 

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