Monday, March 24, 2014

More travels and taking care of Master

     The last many weeks have been boring at times but have had some exciting moments. We once again traveled in the new ride to visit Patriarch and Matron. While I never saw Rascal during this visit, I was ever wary of his presence. I believe that the humans are having us "take turns" in guarding the main chamber of the fortress because I often hear him while I am confined to my human's sleeping chamber. I do not understand why they trust the young pup. He is both young as well as small and I have no faith that he would be much threat against an enemy.
     While I never saw the spoils, I believe that Master, Princess and Patriarch went on a great conquest during our visit. I have previously mentioned that Master has an odd device that emits light and a loud bark. Princess also carries on of these tools with her. They left with these devices as well as one that is much longer in nature (and I presume to be more proportionally more intimidating to an enemy). They returned after a time and, as I said, while I never saw their spoils, I am sure they must have had a great victory as they were in high spirits.

      We have since returned to our fortress and life had been fairly normal. I am ever on guard against evil (I believe that the feline I once saw is still lurking in the area). A few nights ago my humans retired to their sleeping chamber later than normal, however, Master awoke not long after and seemed to be in distress. I attempted to comfort him but it did not seem to help. He awoke Princess and they left in quite a hurry. I am unsure of where they went, but I believe they may have gone to seek help from other humans. When they returned Master seemed to be in less distress, though both appeared very fatigued. Both were at home for their normal two day reprieve from conquests but seemed to be less interested in playing. I believe Master to still be recovering from what ever distressed him that night. While we still play, he has been less enthusiastic the past several days and today, while Princess left for her conquests, Master remained at home to rest. I have done my best to entertain and take care of him.

Now I must return to my duties.

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