Thursday, March 27, 2014

Other Canines

Our fortress is in row of many other fortresses. For the most part, the humans that inhabit the other fortresses come and go with little disturbance in our day. Occasionally Master and Princess will converse with these local humans and it appears they are on friendly terms with them. Only a few of the fortresses around us seem to have fellow canine sentinels and the ones that do are not directly next to us. I'm not sure if this is a fault of the humans not desiring companionship or of their former canines not being alert to the dangers of the outside world. Alas, not all canines are worthy of the title "Sentinel".

Because there are no other canines close to the fortress I rarely have the need to assert my authority over my domain. Occasionally I will have to give warning barks - and several days ago a small, young fluffy canine attempted to approach the fortress while I was inside with Princess. I quickly alerted Princess and loudly proclaimed to this little canine that she needed to leave. However, two days ago, Princess and I went in to the rear grounds to play and there were two large canines in the fortress next to us! I immediately raised my guard and we had a heated discussion about the property line before Princess pulled me away. Their master was occupied with also pulling them away. I do not think my humans understand the need for me to protect our property from the dangers of these untrustworthy newcomers. Since this initial encounter, Master and I have been outside several times. While I give warning barks, I know that Master does not want me to engage these scoundrels and I am trying to be respectful of his wishes.  I am still wary though. Especially at night when I can hear them about outside their fortress. I do not trust them to keep to their fortress.

Signing off.

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