Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sleeping quarters

Our fortress is made up of many smaller chambers. Most of my time with the humans is spent in the large chamber that contains this inter-pack communication device as well as the area for human food preparation. A smaller chamber houses our sleeping quarters and another one is where my humans hone their combative skills.

There is one small chamber that is usually blocked off to me. Occasionally Princess will go there, allowing me to go with her to protect her. However, the other night the chamber was open to me. In this chamber is a large mat that sits low to the ground. It resembles my human's bed in its size, but is not elevated, so I assumed with it being low to the ground that it was for my sleeping comfort. I went to bed with my humans to make sure they were okay and reclined upon the smaller mat they have provided for me until they fell asleep. I then went and tried out this new mat. It was very comfortable and I slept well through the night without being disturbed by any evil. It was so comfortable that when Princess awoke the next morning I was loathe to escort her around the house as I normally do. But alas, a sentinel's job is never done.

Since that time the chamber has again been blocked against me. I think my humans are uncertain of my ability to guard them if I am not in the chamber with them. I completely understand their caution - one can never be too cautious. So until such time as I assure them of my diligence, I will await my opportunity to return to the large mat.

Speaking of diligence against evil....I have seen a feline creature stalking the premises. Just yesterday it had the audacity to sit out by the lane where the rides travel. I believe it is trying to find weaknesses in the fortress' security. I will be ever vigilant against this creature and any accomplices.

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