Monday, April 28, 2014

Visit to strange places

Life has returned to some normalcy. The humans have returned to their normal bed chamber and the putrid smell is mostly gone. Though occasionally I still smell it coming from the cleaning rooms.

I am unsure what the humans were celebrating the other day but Princess cooked a large human meal for herself and Master. It smelled delicious and I was allowed to partake in a small part of the bounty. I asked for more but was not granted my request, much to my dismay.

The latest excitement involves a visit of Princess and I to another fortress-like location. We have been here a few times before, though this time was more eventful. It smells greatly of other animals, and though I have never seen any I have heard them. When we first arrived, Princess left me in the car and went into the building herself and then returned to retrieve me. When we went into the building, I was required to stand on a strange flat metal box and then Princess and I went into a small chamber. I could smell and hear other canines but was never able to ascertain where they were. A man came in after a while and looked at me, he seemed to be interested in examining me for unknown reasons. While he was there, he and Princess discussed things in their human language and I am unsure of what all was said, though I gather that much of it was about me.

After he left, two human females came in. They poked me several times in one paw. At first I was patient with them. Princess seemed to be okay with them doing this to me, so I do not believe they were trying to hurt me. However, after a while it began to hurt and I began objecting. After this they started poking me in my other paw. It seems that they were after blood. They also injected some strange fluids. The last time was after a short break during which Princess and I just waited in this small chamber. The last injection was cold and very unpleasant. After all this, Princess took me back out to the ride, though she went back into the fortress again for a short time. I'm not quite sure of the meaning of this visit, but I believe it was for my benefit.

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