Friday, April 4, 2014

Other Canines (cont)

I believe I have intimidated the other canines into leaving. They have not been seen for several days now. I am still wary, however. Every time I am released into the rear grounds my first goal is to make sure that the property line is secure and the scoundrels are no longer a threat to the security of my domain. Before they left, I could hear Master and Princess talking to their human in their presence. This greatly upset me that my humans would risk encountering such dangers without my being there. Despite my vocal objections, they continued in their discussion. I am hopeful that, since humans do not have refined hearing, they simply did not hear my warnings. Regardless, this incident has left me aware of the risks my humans are comfortable taking, I must must continue to be vigilant in my work of communicating the dangers.

This morning, Princess left in her usual manner while Master stayed back for a little bit with me. During this time Master started packing his bag. This only happens when we are going on a journey, so I immediately got excited. I thought that perhaps Princess would return quickly and we would leave in the ride. Unfortunately this was not the case and I spent a relatively boring day watching the fortress. When Princess came home I greeted her excitedly and she too started packing. My suspicion of a journey was confirmed when she retrieved my pack from its normal storage spot. My pack only goes with us when we are going on an overnight adventure and, similar to the humans bags I assume, houses my food and toys for my entertainment. I immediately started helping Princess by making sure she had all the essentials. After she completed that task I signaled I was ready to leave by sitting by the door. She allowed me to go with her into the front grounds of the fortress but then required me to rejoin her back inside despite my protest. For now it seems as if we wait for Master.  

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