Sunday, June 29, 2014

The recent chaos of life

Readers, you may have noticed my absence from updating about my life with my humans. I will strive to be better, however the past many weeks have been chaotic for me.  I will try to do them justice with this post and then continue on about future adventures with Master and Princess.

I mentioned in my last missive that Princess and I went to another fortress-like location that smelled of other animals where I was examined and poked at by strange humans. A few days after that visit we went to another place - I shall refer to it as the Canine Fortress - which other canines frequent, and which I assume to be some sort of meeting place or lodging. It seems we were there to talk to another female human. I was very distracted because of all the other dogs I could smell and hear so I am not sure what transpired between her and Master and Princess, but she kept giving me lots of delicious food and my humans seemed at ease, so I think she is a friend. There were many dogs outside when we left but Master gave me handfuls of treats.  I think they want me to ignore these other creatures, but I find this difficult because I can't be sure they aren't a danger.

After this visit we returned once more to the first fortress I mentioned where Princess talked to the same human again - I really wish I could understand more of the human language. After this, Master and Princess have been giving me a tiny, hard and foul-tasting substance in the mornings and evenings. I am not sure what it is for, maybe something was wrong when they took my blood, but whatever the reason I don't like taking it. It makes me feel able to eat less and also more worn out. I suspect it has something to do with Master and Princess noticing I don't like other dogs because they get less upset when I bark at other dogs now and just try and distract me with playing or treats. We also had another visit to the Canine Fortress to visit with the nice lady again. I was again distracted because of the other dogs, but everyone gave me lots of treats which made it better.

All of this was enough to keep me busy but what has really been the difficult part was that Master and Princess left me for several days at this Canine Fortress. I am not sure why, but it was very distressing. Princess took me there one day with my toys and my bed and my food but she didn't come back for me that day. The humans she left me with were all very nice to me, but they weren't Master and Princess. There were also many other dogs around which was even more distressing. I must admit, I faltered in my trust of my humans.  I have been left at such a place before and the previous humans did not return for me.

I had no appetite, which the humans must have noticed because they gave me different food in an attempt to tempt me into eating. In fact, I think some of it was human food, which under normal circumstances I would have been delighted to eat, I just wasn't in the mood. It was the first time I had been away from my humans for an extended period of time. What if they were like my last humans and just left me?

Fortunately Master and Princess are better than that. They picked me up after several days and brought me home.  I noticed that both of them, especially Princess, appeared to bear the marks of recent battles.  I know my humans regularly go out on conquests, but I have never seen them return in such a state.  They seemed jovial, however, and it would appear that my humans have conquered their foes once again, though it does seem to have been a hard-fought battle.

I was still very anxious after my time away from them and it took me a while to get back to playing and eating. It has been a while since we have all been back home now though, and I am feeling much better. Master, Princess and I are back to our regular games and playing.  I think, however,  new adventures are in store for us soon.

Master and Princess have been very busy recently removing their belongings from their places and storing them in containers.  They do this on a smaller scale when we take trips by packing enough belongings for them and myself to last the trip.  I would think perhaps they were packing for an extended trip, but they are packing many things which they normally do not.  It could mean they might leave me in the Canine Fortress again, but nevertheless I have endeavored to assist them in the process.  They have been packing many of the items with this crinkly substance which I have assisted them in retrieving:

I shall keep you updated with any further developments.  Signing off.

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