Friday, January 31, 2014

Return to normal life

The human festivals seem to be over now. Princess and Master and I have remained at the fortress for several days now and they seem to be back to their normal routine of daily conquests and returning to my care.

At our most recent visit to Patriarch and Matron I had hoped to again be able to partake in their feasting. Shortly after we arrived the humans prepared their meal and it smelled of delicious treats and I was in high hopes of being able to partake. Since Master and Princess had brought with us my disc squeaker for my enjoyment and it has become a favorite, I decided to see if my humans would respond to a trade. I retrieved my squeaker from the chamber and brought it to Matron since I felt she would be kindest and would quickly recognize my sacrifice. Alas, she refused to comply with my request for a trade when I placed it on her lap and sat. I attempted to win Patron over with my politeness in sitting before him, but he too was unwilling to allow me to share in the feast. I believe that my humans have communicated with Patriarch and Matron that they do not want me to have human food. I trust them to make good decisions for me, however I am not sure I agree with this one.

This last trip down to Patriarch and Matrons also allowed me to experience the new ride. It is very nice and I have more room than in the previous ride. Instead of entering from the side I now my enter from the back and then the entire back section of the ride open for me. My only complaint is that in the new ride I cannot sit between my humans as I once did. The old ride allowed me to sit between them looking behind us to guard against evil. This new ride has an odd covering between my humans seats and my section. It is short enough for me to look over and observe them and I am able to bend it and sit on it in my former fashion but every time I attempt to do so Princess makes me move. I suppose I will have to be content with the extra room I have been given. Since this trip I have had a few shorter trips and have found them to be quite enjoyable. I approve of the spoils of Master and Princess' conquest.

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