Friday, July 11, 2014

The spoils of conquest!

I have discovered the meaning of Master and Princess' recent actions and the disappearance of their large belongings. They have conquered a new fortress! It is a large fortress with two levels. At first I was unsure about the passage between the levels. They offered no traction and I was worried that I would injure myself during my decent. However, Master and Princess have once again shown their regard for me by laying down a material that allows me to walk easily. I was still very dubious at first but they were patient and showed me that there was no danger.

This new fortress also has a large surrounding area, however I have been kept restrained while in it. Unlike our last fortress the space between the front and the back of the fortress is not blocked off. I believe that Master and Princess are worried I may become over zealous in my guarding our new fortress. I hope this is remedied soon though because I am looking forward to playing on the new grounds.

It seems that Master and Princess still have some things to transfer because they return every night with more belongings. They also seem very tired in the evenings. I have been encouraging them to play and they have joined me when I ask, but much of the time they are resting or moving belongings around the fortress.

Well, for now, I must make my rounds and ensure that all is safe. I shall keep you updated on the progress of our new fortress.

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